Digital: Symbols and special characters

Don’t use these symbols in online content as they don’t work with all browsers:

• Ampersands: Spell out “and” instead.
Best Storage Ideas for Kitchens and Baths

• Fractions: Use full-size numbers with slashes and hyphens.
1-1/2 instead of 1 ½
1/4 instead of ¼

• Letters with accents and tildes: Use regular letters.
decor instead of décor

• Copyright and trademark symbols: Use (c), (R), or (TM).

• Em dash, en dash: Instead, for an em dash use “space hyphen hyphen space”; for an en dash use a hyphen.

• Left/right quotation marks (“”): Use straight quotes.

• Dimension X: Use regular lowercase x.
4×6-inch photo

• Degree symbol: Use the word degrees or degrees Fahrenheit (or Celsius).

• Bullets: Don’t use on slideshows.

Electronic newsletters
While e-newsletters don’t display on browsers, for consistency follow the instructions above for e-newsletter content, too.
• Ampersands are the exception; they can be used in e-newsletters. Please be consistent in use throughout each e-newsletter. (clarified 9.29.14)



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Digital: Heading style

In content and e-newsletters:

Use figures rather than spelled-out numbers.
6 Best Storage Secrets

Always capitalize that in headlines.
Trim That Belly Fat

For additional capitalization guidelines, see Capitalization: Headlines.

Don’t use end punctuation (except exclamation points) in up-style link headings. Do use end punctuation in complete, sentence-style blurbs.
More Pumpkin Patterns
Get More Halloween Ideas!
Click here for more jack-o’-lantern patterns.

Spell out and in slideshow titles, story titles, and slide titles. Ampersands may be used in headings on newsletters. Be consistent throughout the newsletter.
Kitchen and Bath Ideas You Can Use


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Digital: General Guidelines

In general, digital media ( content, e-newsletters, and downloadable PDFs) should follow Better Homes and Gardens Stylebook style. The exceptions are listed in the Digital Table of Contents.

Check a link by hovering your mouse cursor over a hyperlinked heading. You’ll see the URL in the lower left-hand corner. (You might need to change your preferences if you don’t see the URL in the lower left-hand corner.) If it doesn’t seem to match hyperlinked heading, note problem for the content producer or editor.

Digital content is conversational in tone. For example, words such as fave and kiddo are acceptable. Remember that digital content is geared toward busy consumers who want quick hits of valuable information. Concise writing is always advised.



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