Digital: Symbols and special characters

Don’t use these symbols in online content as they don’t work with all browsers:

• Ampersands: Spell out “and” instead.
Best Storage Ideas for Kitchens and Baths

• Fractions: Use full-size numbers with slashes and hyphens.
1-1/2 instead of 1 ½
1/4 instead of ¼

• Letters with accents and tildes: Use regular letters.
decor instead of décor

• Copyright and trademark symbols: Use (c), (R), or (TM).

• Em dash, en dash: Instead, for an em dash use “space hyphen hyphen space”; for an en dash use a hyphen.

• Left/right quotation marks (“”): Use straight quotes.

• Dimension X: Use regular lowercase x.
4×6-inch photo

• Degree symbol: Use the word degrees or degrees Fahrenheit (or Celsius).

• Bullets: Don’t use on slideshows.

Electronic newsletters
While e-newsletters don’t display on browsers, for consistency follow the instructions above for e-newsletter content, too.
• Ampersands are the exception; they can be used in e-newsletters. Please be consistent in use throughout each e-newsletter. (clarified 9.29.14)



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