Titles of Works

(updated 1/22/19)

Use italics (or opposite typeface) to identify whole works:
• blogs
• books
• CD-ROM titles (not software programs)
• collections of poems and long poems
• magazines
• movies
• museum and art exhibits
• musical compositions (long)
• newsletters
• newspapers
• plays
Her favorite play is She Stoops to Conquer.
• podcasts
• quilt names
• records and tapes
• ships
• TV shows
• videotapes
• works of art

Use quotation marks to identify parts of works:
• articles
• brochures
• episodes of blogs, podcasts, and TV shows
• essays
• magazine stories
• pamphlets
• parts of books, chapters
• poems (short)
• sidebars
• songs
• speech titles

Capitalize, but do not italicize or put in quotes, the names of board games, catalogs, columns, computer/video games, fabric collections, software, video series, wallpaper books, and YouTube videos.
The designer chose wall coverings from the Raymond Waites Manor collection.
Order from the Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel catalog.
Laura used bold prints from the Gardenia collection by Henry Glass & Co.
Joanna and Camille are regular designers for Scrap Lab.

(added 4/16/20) Names of Instagram pages are not set in italics. Different brands can handle the presentation as desired; most put the site in parens like so:
Designer: Sue Smith (Instagram @happyplacequilting)
Dan shares a daily message on his Instagram page (@dansmessages).

See also Capitalization: Websites and Capitalization: Headlines.



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