Product Listings

In stories that feature products, provide product info at end. No period is needed at the end of the URL:

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Love Potion is fashionable year-round. $3.99; WALGREENS.COM

If the story is describing a general product but suggests a product at the end, there should be a comma between the product name and the price, and a semicolon between the price and the URL:

Use organizers to keep your kitchen drawers clutter-free. DRAWER ORGANIZER, $7.99; CONTAINERSTORE.COM

When a product is mentioned within a story that is not specifically a product story, URLs should be in all caps for consistency:

Pop in an educational DVD like The Magic School Bus ($5.99; AMAZON.COM) to keep kids entertained.

See also Beauty and Colors: Products and project instructions.



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