Colors: Products and project instructions

For an item to be described as gold, it must be at least 14-karat gold. If not, it must be described as golden or gold tone.

BH&G will no longer use golden in lieu of gold/gold tone.
If we are painting something gold, it is gold the color.
If we an art frame, faucet, or something like that has a gold finish, the EE prefers warm metal or the like. (added 2/11/21)

Generic colors (red, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, orange, purple, white) generally should not be capitalized. (generic colors added 9.17.14)
Use acrylic paints in red, glossy black, and white.
Colors that are specific to a certain manufacturer should be capitalized.
Use Plaid acrylic paints: Green #443, Blue #12, and Yellow #16.
If one color in a listing is capitalized, all should be, even generic colors.
Finishes available include Sandy Beach, White, and Cream.

In Better Homes & Gardens magazine:
Cap every color name and put “in” in front of it:

Acme Weatherproof Stain in Brown
ChiChi Textured Weave in Dewy Doe Eye Brown


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Products and project instructions

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