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Updated 12/10/21

Designers are required to include spine information along with their cover layout documents. Place this information in correct position centered along the left-hand side of the cover. Spine type should be set as follows:

  1. If using: Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications® (10 pt. New Times Roman PS Bold); registered mark 8 pt. Symbol, option-R.
  2. Title of magazine (13 pt. New Times Roman PS Bold, ALL CAPS).
  3. ® or ™ as needed after title.
  4. Issue designation, such as Spring, Summer, Fall (10 pt. New Times Roman PS Bold)

Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications® DECORATING™ Spring 2005
Other cover elements:

  1. UPC artwork, which includes cover prices. At minimum, there are two UPCs, one containing both U.S. and Canada prices and one containing just the Canada price. There also could be UPC art for a price test and/or a polybag. All UPC artwork can be found in the SIM pub plan database.
  2. Color bars on top and bottom of UPC art; the color to use matches the off-sale month and is specified in the SIM pub plan database as Merchandising Assignment.
    –The top color bar contains the display until date (see SIM pub plan database) in 7 pt. type.
    –The bottom color bar contains the pocket assignment (see SIM pub plan database).
  3. Subscription titles only: Issue number
  4. URL (optional)
  5. If a reprint, on print covers add a burst calling that out.
    –For a title of the same name with no cover changes and reprinted in the same year: Second Printing
    –For a title of the same name reprinted in another year: Back by Popular Demand: Second Printing of XXXX 20XX
    –For a title reprinted with a new name within four years of the original issue: Previously Published as XXXXX.
    –No cover blurb is needed for a title reprinted with a new name that is more than 4 years old or a title that has new/updated content in excess of 20% of the book.
    –Titles with 30% new content: Updated Edition
    –ON REPRINT DIGITAL COVERS: no burst; use simplified “xx printing” near issue designation. (added 12/10/21)

Digital covers:

  1. Do not need a spine.
  2. Do not need UPC art, merchandising color bars, off-sale date, or pocket designation.
  3. Do need issue designation, such as Spring, Summer, Fall
  4. A URL is encouraged
  5. Should be created for all titles including reprints so one is always available if needed. Do not use a reprint burst; instead, use simplified “xx printing” text by the issue designation. (updated 12/10/21)

For cover routing guidance, see Routing Through Legal.


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