Covers: Sell Lines

For “up-style” sell lines:
• Capitalize all main words (adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and verbs).
• Capitalize the first word in each line. Articles may be lowercase or uppercase when they start a line
other than the first line.
• Capitalize conjunctions and prepositions with more than four letters (about, before, between,
through, without).
Presents with
A Personal Twist

For “down-style” sell lines:
• Capitalize the first word
• Capitalize all proper nouns
Presents with
a personal twist
for Christmas

When page numbers are included with sell lines, the page number should be separated from the rest of the sell line with a dash, a comma, or a change of typestyle or type size. Page should be abbreviated “p.,” followed by the page number that the story begins on.
Great Kitchen Makeovers, p. 52

Numbers should be used as figures, not as words (although CEs may grant leeway here for design purposes).
12 Great Ideas for Decorating Your Bath
3 Cures for Cabin Fever


Sell lines
For designers

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