Web Tips: Computer commands

August 15, 2002: Issue 32

SIM STYLE: Computer commands
SIM style is full of quirky little symbols. Not sure how to get a thin space or make a dimension-x? Can’t get a word to break in the right place? Struggling to make a fraction? The solutions to these problems and more are as close as your SIM Stylebook.

For more information, see Computer Commands section in the SIM Stylebook.

For information on accent marks, see Accent Marks section in the SIM Stylebook.

GRAMMAR: Is it compared to or compared with?
There really is a difference. If you’re likening one thing to another, use compared to. If you’re examining two or more items’ similarities or differences, use compared with.
correct: Joking about the long, extensive kitchen remodeling, Olivia compared the project to an archaeological dig.
correct: The study indicated that 80 percent of homeowners planned to remodel a bath, compared with just 30 percent who planned to update a kitchen.

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