Web Tips: Facebook links

June 4, 2009: Issue 292

Facebook by the book

Facebook has clear rules for how to link or refer to its site. The goal is to distinguish between our brands and the Facebook brand.

Don’t use wording that implies a partnership.
incorrect: Check out the KitchenBathIdeas.com Facebook page.
correct: Check out the KitchenBathIdeas.com page on Facebook.
correct: Find us on Facebook.

Connect our names to our pages.
example: Share your wildlife photos at the Nature’s Garden page on Facebook.
Hyperlink “Nature’s Garden” or “Nature’s Garden page.” (Do not hyperlink “Facebook” unless the link goes to the Facebook log-in page.)

You can also use Facebook badges to link to our pages.

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Winner: Congratulations to Deb Wagman, the winner of last week’s contest. We drew her name at random from the people who knew that New York City was originally assigned the area code 212 because it was the fastest area code to dial on a rotary phone. Stop by the CE department to claim your prize, Deb.

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