Web Tips: Internet terms

June 6, 2002: Issue 25

SIM STYLE: What is our style on the most common Internet terms?
The following are all correct; note capitalization and word separation.
the Internet
the Net
World Wide Web
the Web
Web site
e-mail (noun, verb, or adjective)
home page

Note: “Worldwide” in all other uses is one word.

GRAMMAR: What’s the difference between compliment and complement?
These words are easy to read over and use incorrectly, even when we know their proper meanings. Do a double take anytime you see one and make sure it’s right. “Compliment” implies praise or gratitude. “Complement” denotes something that adds to or completes something else.   
correct: Over dinner, the homeowners complimented the designer for her deft use of complementary materials. Touched, she quickly took the bill and said, “My compliments.”

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