Lists: State names

November 29, 2001: Issue 1

SIM STYLE: When do I abbreviate state names?
Unless the state designation is part of a full postal address, always spell out state names and set them off with commas
in text.
incorrect: The Lawrence, KS home
 correct: The Lawrence, Kansas, home

In full postal addresses, use standard two-letter postal abbreviations.
For more information, including a list of abbreviations, see addresses.

GRAMMAR: “Try and” or “try to”?
We may say “try and” all the time, but writing is more precise than speech, and “try and” is poor grammar. When someone is attempting something, the person is not trying AND doing; the person is trying TO do. Therefore,
introduce the infinitive with the preposition “to.”
incorrect: She said she will try and meet the deadline.
correct: She said she will try to meet the deadline.

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