Scrapbooks: Credits

In Scrapbooks Etc. publications, list bylines in this order:
words + plan
lessons (for quick classes demonstrating a single project—pages in clippable notebook format that have a technique)

Use regular bylines for first-person accounts.

Not every story has a byline.


Designers credits

Patricia Anderson
Susan Badgett
Melania Bauer
Alison Beachem
Mellette Berezoski
Lori Bergmann
Cathy Blackstone
Rhonda Bonifay
Vicki Boutin
Charla Campbell
Lilac Chang
Melissa Chapman
Erin Clarkson (formerly Erin Terrell)
Carrie Colbert Batt (formerly Carrie Colbert)
Sam Cousins
Angie Cramer
Kim Crothers
Melissa Diekema
Ali Edwards
Rhonna Farrer
Leah Fung
Nicole Gartland
Irma Gabbard
Sandi Genovese
Candi Gershon
Erikia Ghumm
Vicki Harvey
Erica Hernandez
Amy Howe
Caroline Ikeja
Danelle Johnson
Allison Kimball
Sarah Klemish
Sande Krieger
Tracy Kyle
Shannon Landen
Jen Lessinger
Amy Licht
Leslie Lightfoot
Amy Lowe
Nichol Magouirk
Polly Maly
Anita Matejka
Lisa McGarvey
Jennifer McGuire
Heather Melzer
Helen Naylor
Kathleen Paneitz
Jennifer Perks
Nia Reddy
Erin Roe
Valerie Salmon
Stacey Sattler
Dana Smith
Vivian Smith
Lisa Storms
Shannon Taylor
Lindsay Teague
Shannon Tidwell
Christy Tomlinson
Renee Villalobos-Campa
Jamie Waters
Robyn Werlich
Angelia Wigginton
Shannon Zickel

Field editors
Copy editors
Order of credits
Credits style
Uniform story credit guidelines

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