Quilts: Editing Checklist


Quilt title:                                                                                        Patterns:

Spot check:

___Title(s) and subheads
*style/wording consistency


___Bullets/symbols and indents

___Step numbers
*consecutive order
*style: font, spacing, tabs, etc.

___Orientation: compare styled photo to QAD & flat photo

___Machine quilter


Materials list:                                                                                   Techniques:

___Order of fabrics same as order of use?

___Fabric uses (in parentheses) correct?

___Check sizes:

___Phrases included for yardages, measurements, and pressing?


Cut Fabrics:                                                                                     Notes:

___Fabrics in same order as Materials?

___Fabric names match Materials?

___All pieces used during assembly?

___Size progression from large to small?


Diagrams (or how-to photos):

___Number order correct?

___Text reference for every diagram?

___Notes and measurements correct?

___Pressing arrows included where needed?


Assembly steps:

___Fabric names correct/consistent throughout?

___Measurements of pieces same as Cut Fabrics?

___All cut pieces, units, segments, etc. used?

___Finished sizes correct for blocks, units, quilt center, etc.?

___Step references correct?

___Subheads accurate?

___Units named consistently?


See also Quilts: Editing Guide.


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