Quilts: Credits

Names in stories

In text, refer to people (shop owners, quiltmakers, designers, etc.) by their first and last names on first references. Use first names only on subsequent text references.

The same holds for captions and sidebars: Even if a person has been fully identified in the text, use first and last names on first caption and sidebar references; use first names only on subsequent caption and sidebar references.

In attributions for direct quotes, says should follow the person’s name unless a long identifier follows and makes this awkward.
“My mother cried when she walked into this house,” designer Lisa Burgess says.
“Quilt guilds make the transition easier,” says Sue Thompson, past president of the South Side Sewers in Des Moines.

Label experts on first text reference. Say “designer” or “quiltmaker” or “quilting instructor” so readers know why this person is being quoted or offering suggestions.

In general, don’t use last names for minors; last names may be implied, however, if children are part of a family featured in a story. If using a minor’s last name is important to a story (a 14-year-old quilt-contest winner, for example), verify that the minor’s guardians have signed the proper release form(s).

Names in bylines

Be consistent throughout an issue in terms of location in the story (beginning or end, for example), order (designer first, then photographer, for example), and typefaces used (plain “designer” and “photographer,” bold names, for example).

See also these byline credits

Copy editors
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