globe amaranth (Gomphrena globosa)
globethistle (Echinops)
glory flower; glory flowers (Eccremocarpus scaber)
gloxinia, florist’s (Sinningia speciosa) [others, see Gloxinia in A–Z] godetia (Clarkia spp.)
Granny Smith apples
grass, grasses (updated 10/23/18)
Ornamental grasses are open (feather reed grass, tufted hair grass, bottlebrush grass, switch grass, fountain grass, Indian grass)
Turfgrasses are closed (bluegrass, ryegrass, lovegrass, buffalograss), unless the name includes a proper noun, in which case it is open (St. Augustine grass)

green bean; green beans
ground ivy (Glecoma hederacea)
Grüss an Achen rose

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