Spell out common units of measure in narrative copy.
Cut it into 23-inch squares.
The package contains 14 ounces.
The table stands 26 inches high. (the 26-inch-high table)
The room measures 160 square feet.

Spell out lengthy units of measure on first use, and follow them with their abbreviations in parentheses.
Use abbreviations in subsequent references.
The capacity of each size is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). A 5×9-foot bath would need at least a 48-cfm fan.
They said their power company charges too much per kilowatt-hour (kwh). The charge is 7 cents per kwh.

BH&G uses symbols in product descriptions in sections for shopping, get the look, etc.  (added 2/11/21)

Always use mph and rpm when preceded by figures.

Spell out measurements in materials lists.
2-millimeter bead
One 10-inch string
BH&G tends to use abbreviation for metric measures, especially in the Better section and when space is tight. (added 2/11/21)

Do not use a comma in phrases such as:
2 feet 6 inches

Hyphenate a measurement used as an adjective.
The 5-foot-7-inch sofa

In measurements, use linear foot not lineal foot.

Use Dimension X to connect numbers in a measurement. (Select entire measurement, then navigate to Window/Utilities/Scripts and select “Convert Characters.” If this script is not installed on your computer, see a staff copy editor.)
5×9-foot room
12×45-inch fabric strip
13x9x2-inch baking pan

There are two ways to make a fraction:
1. Place the cursor where you want to insert a fraction. Navigate to Type/Glyphs. If the required fraction character is available, double-click it to add it to the text box.
2. Highlight the entire measurement that contains the numbers to be changed into a fraction, then navigate to Window/Utilities/Scripts and select “Make Fractions.scpt.” (If this script is not installed on your computer, see a staff copy editor.)
If a designer needs to adjust spacing on the resulting fraction, make a note on the layout for the editor.

See also Numbers.
See also Dimensions, Measurements, and Sizes.


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