When creating bulleted lists in main text or sidebars, follow these guidelines:
• Use a fixed thin space (In InDesign, command-option-shift-M; or, control-click where you want to insert the thin space, choose “Insert White Space/Thin Space” ) after each bullet symbol.

• Make each item in the list parallel to the others. For example, all should be imperative sentences (as in
this list), noun phrases, declarative sentences, a single word, or other similar item as appropriate.

• Place a period after each item if the individual items are made up of one or more complete sentences.

• Use no punctuation at the end of each item if the individual items are made up of phrases, not complete sentences.

• Include a period after every item in the list if, for some compelling reason, the list includes a combination of phrases and complete sentences. If one item in a list requires a period, then a period must follow every item in that list.

Columbine, Aquilegia
• Zones 3–10
• Height: 18–36 inches
• Sun to part shade
• Well-drained, light, fertile soil
• Spring to early summer flowering

Clutter Busters
If your organizational skills are stuck in the throw-it-all-in-one-big-box stage, take these steps to bring the pieces together into a more usable format.
• Tag-along: Carry a spiral notebook with you. Jot down ideas or make lists.
• The great divide: Use a three-ring binder with clear dividers and pocket folders or an accordion folder with labeled sections to store household data.

Routine maintenance: Can’t manage continuous organization? Go through your paperwork once a
month to stay on top of the clutter.
Together again: Keep all records for large-ticket items together. Staple or paper-clip warranties with owner’s manuals.
Match it up: Tape business cards to the owner’s manual or product brochure, and keep them in the appropriate folder.

Top Picks for a Pacific Northwest Garden
• Vines: Clematis, sweat peas (“the more you cut ’em, the better they grow”), passion vine, and morning-glory (Ipomoea tricolor ‘Heavenly Blue’).
• Easy annuals from seed: Nicotiana, Scabiosa, sunflowers, and Lavatera.
• Tender annuals for containers: Datura ‘Angel’s-trumpet’ and Plectranthus.
• Bulbs: Oriental lilies.
• Shrubs: Hibiscus, boxwood, hydrangea, and Tibouchina urvilleana (princess flower), a shrub with light purple flowers.
• Ornamental grasses: Any variety works because “they’re always fun.”


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