SIM plant names style: Trademarked plants

Some companies are attempting to trademark plant names. In these cases, capitalize the name
but do not put it in single quotes. Trademarks are adjectives and must come before the plant name, whether common or botanical. Here are some common examples:
Bonica rose
Brandywine crabapple
Carefree Beauty rose
Carefree Delight rose
Carefree Wonder rose
Diabolo Physocarpus
Endless Summer hydrangea
Graham Thomas rose
Heritage birch
Heritage rose
Ivory Halo dogwood
Knock Out rose
Niobe willow
Northern Burgundy viburnum
Pink Meidiland rose (or any other Meidiland Series rose)
Red Jewel crabapple
Tinkerbelle lilac
Wine & Roses Weigela
Midnight Wine Weigela



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