Page basics: End bugs

End bugs should be placed at the end of the main body of text—or in a caption-only story, after the final caption. When the end of the main body text occurs on a page with a sidebar, the end bug should go at the end of the main body text.

In some cases, an end bug may be used on a final spread with no main text but with multiple other text elements (captions, blurbs, sidebars). In those instances, place the end bug in the most logical spot and make sure end bugs on all similar stories throughout the issue are treated in a consistent fashion.

End bugs are NOT necessary for preview pages, tables of contents, or editor’s letters.

An end bug should be preceded by a fixed/thin space.

In rare cases, no end bugs are used in an issue. If you wish to omit end bugs, please consult with the copy chief first.


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