Trademarks: Common

In general, avoid using brand names. Instead, choose a more detailed but generic description. (Product stories are an obvious exception.)
incorrect: The IKEA sofa creates a lively focal point.
correct: A bright, contemporary sofa creates a lively focal point.

Be aware that some names that have made their way into the vernacular are actually trademarked brand names that usually should be avoided. Con-Tact paper, Crock-Pot, Jacuzzi, Lycra, Plexiglas, Sheetrock, Spackle, Styrofoam, Thermos, and Velcro are just a few. If you do use a trademarked name, be sure you’re using it correctly. It’s just as bad to call a generic product “Plexiglas” as it is to call the name brand “plexiglass.” Also, use trademark symbols (™ and ®) only with Meredith products.

Following is a list of common trademarks with the appropriate generic terminology. For a more complete list, search the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database.

Anaglypta embossed decorative wall covering
Baggies plastic bags
Band-Aid adhesive bandages
Bel Paese cheese
Bundt pan fluted cake/tube pan
Carborundum abrasive
Chalk Paint paint with a matte, almost chalky, finish
Con-Tact self-sticking covering
Corian solid-surfacing
CorningWare (12/2/20) cookware, ovenware
Cran- cranberry
Crescent wrench adjustable-end wrench
Crock-Pot slow cooker
Cuisinart food processor
Cyclone fence chain-link fence
Dacron polyester fiber/fiberfill
Day-Glo fluorescent
Derby-Pie chocolate-nut pie
Dry Ice refrigerant
Feather Rock lightweight or porous rock
Fiberglas fiberglass/glass fibers
Fiestaware use for Fiesta products made by Homer Laughlin China Co.
Filo phyllo/pastry dough
Flex-arm lamp swing-arm lamp
Formica plastic laminate
Gunite pneumatically applied concrete
Herculon olefin fiber
Hershey’s Kisses Kisses milk chocolates (see Word List)
Hide-A-Bed sofa bed
Hot Tray electric warming tray
Instant Pot multifunction electric pressure cooker
Jacuzzi whirlpool bath
Jell-O gelatin
Jenn-Air self-venting range
Kiddie Kar toy car
Kitty Litter cat box filler
Kool-Aid soft-drink mix
Laundromat coin laundry/self-service laundry
Legos plastic construction toys
Lincrusta decorative wall coverings
Liquid Nails building materials adhesive
Louver drapery vertical blinds
Lucite acrylic resin/acrylic plastic
Lycra spandex fiber
Mace liquid tear gas
Masa Harina tortilla flour
Masonite hardboard/fiberboard
Molly bolt expansion bolt/hollow wall anchor
Mylar clear polyester film
Naval Jelly petroleum jelly
Oasis floral foam (updated 2/6/17)
Peg-Board perforated board/pegboard
Pellon fusible webbing
Ping-Pong table tennis
Plastic Wood wood filler
Play-Doh modeling clay
Plexiglas acrylic plastic/plexiglass
Poly-Fil synthetic fiber
Polyweb fusible webbing
Popsicle frozen dessert/pop stick
Procion fabric dye
Pyrex heat-resistant glassware
Q-Tips cotton swabs
Realtor real estate agent (unless member)
Roquefort blue cheese
Saran Wrap plastic film
Scotchgard protective spray coating
Sheetrock drywall/wallboard/plasterboard
Shabby Chic timeworn elegance/timeworn chic
Simoniz polish/wax
Sonontubes concrete form tubes
Spackle surfacing compound
Spode sponge ware
Stetson high-brimmed hat
Stitch Witchery fusible webbing
Styrofoam foam
Tabasco sauce hot pepper sauce
Teflon fluorocarbon resins/nonstick coating
Thermopane insulated glass
Thermos thermal container
Tinkertoy construction toy
Ultrasuede imitation suede
Vaseline petroleum jelly
Velcro touch fastener/hook-and-loop tape
Vise-Grip locking plier-wrench
Waferwood waferboard
Walkman portable radio/stereo and headphones
Weed Eater grass and weed trimmer
Weight Watchers diet foods
Woodtape decorative wood strips
X-acto crafts knife
Xerox photocopy
Yellow Pages no longer a trademark, but often capitalized
Ziploc resealable plastic storage bags, ziplock plastic bags


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