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Buying guides that jump over advertising should include “Continued on” and “Continued from” lines. Put a period at the end of each entry in resources sections unless the contact information is in a stacked format (with one line of address per line).

Use all caps in company names only if the name is an acronym.
For commas in company names, see Punctuation/Commas and company names.

For space considerations, “(see above)” may be used rather than repeating the entire address only within the same story and only within the listing of resources for the same page or spread. For example, list the address at the beginning of resources for “Flights of Fancy” on pages 18–19, and use “(address above)” for subsequent listings on that spread. The address should be repeated when the listing for pages 20–21 of the same story begins.

If there is an e-mail address in a listing, there is no need to preface it with “email.” (added 5.14.14)

Use New York City, not just New York, when listing a company’s location but not a complete address.

For pieces from the Better Homes and Gardens® Furniture Collection, follow this example:

Sideboard Sofa Console Table 818816 from the Better Homes and Gardens® Furniture Collection—produced under license by Universal Furniture International, Inc., 877/804-5535; (removed # before product number 9/17/14)

No spaces are used around an ampersand (&) linking two or more initials in a company’s name. Spaces are used around an ampersand linking two or more words in a company’s name.


Drawer pulls (knife, fork, spoon)—Whitechapel Ltd., P.O. Box 136, 3650 W. Hwy. 22, Wilson, WY 83014; 800/468-5534;

Countertop Wilsonart Blackstar Granite—Ralph Wilson Plastics Co., 800 S. General Bruce Dr., Temple, TX 76504.

Armchair—American Home Furnishings; for store locations write P.O. Box 3685, Station D, Albuquerque, NM 87190; or call 505/883-2211;
Note: There is no comma after “locations” and no “to” after “write.” A semicolon following the ZIP code separates the calling information.

Rug—Crate and Barrel; to place an order or to learn store locations, call 800/323-5461.
Note: There IS a comma after “locations” because the preceding phrase is particularly long.

Vase—Macy’s; for store locations call 800/456-2297.

Striped sheer Parthian (Pearl)—Fabricut Inc., 9303 E. 46th St., Tulsa, OK 74145; 918/622-7700; fax: 918/622-7711.

Oak wood flooring C-5031 Walnut from the Natural Reflections collection—Bruce Hardwood Floors, 16803 Dallas Pkwy., Dallas, TX 75248; 800/722-4647;

Bumper pad Guardian Angels, crib sham Sandman, both from Bou-Bou collection—Edward Boutross Linens; 800/395-2400.


BHG exceptions (updated 5/15/24):

BHG products are listed as the company lists them to assist the reader in searching for them on the website. So they may not follow word lists (e.g., flower pot might have to be open). These formal names are capped, but they do not have to include all the words listed on the site for the product (especially for Amazon and Walmart products).

Products from the BHG Walmart line are credited as Better Homes & Gardens® collection or BHG collection.


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