Spelling: Snugly/snuggly

March 27, 2003: Issue 54

SIM STYLE: Why are some editors and designers listed on mastheads as “contributing”?
Anyone who works on an issue but is not a full-time, permanent SIM staffer
should be listed on the masthead as “contributing.”
correct: Contributing editor Jody Garlock
correct: Contributing designer Karla Knipper
correct: Contributing copy editor Jennifer Speer Ramundt
correct: Contributing illustrator Carson Ode

GRAMMAR: “Snugly” versus “snuggly”
These two are often confused, usually leading to unintentionally humorous sentences.
• Snugly is an adverb derived from the word “snug” meaning “in a snug manner.”
• Snuggly is an adjective derived from the word “snuggle” used to
describe something nice to snuggle with.
correct: The powder room tucks snugly between the kitchen and the den.
correct: Luxurious bedding and snuggly pillows provide resortlike

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