Spelling: Wrack/rack

August 1, 2002: Issue 31

SIM STYLE: The more things change …
Please write in these recent SIM style changes in your stylebook.
• Feng shui is no longer italicized.
• Northern California is capitalized, as is Southern California.
• One-of-a-kind is hyphenated in all uses.
• Icemaker is one word.
• Change pom-pom to pompon on your word list in all uses. This solves a discrepancy with botanical usage.
• Sashes, not sash, is the preferred plural form of sash.

GRAMMAR: Is it rack or wrack?
If something is causing you stress or strain, it’s racking your nerves. You may also be racked with guilt. Wrack implies devastation (think “wreckage”). If you’re absolutely at the end of your rope and there’s no hope in sight, you’re facing wrack and ruin. Incidentally, racket (not racquet) is the preferred spelling for the piece of sports equipment—even if you’re playing racquetball.

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