Below is a list of redundant and superfluous phrases compiled from several sources. Words Into Type also has a detailed, and often funny, list of “excess words” on pages 407–410.

advanced forward
advance planning
advance warning
any and all
appreciate in value
assemble together
big in size
blend seamlessly
blue in color
butt together
cancel out
cantilever out
center around
circle around
classified into groups
climb up
close proximity
completely destroyed
completely gutted
completely surrounded
consensus of opinion
depreciate in value
each and every one
empty cavity
end result
equally as
face up to
few in number
filled to capacity
final outcome
first begin
full satisfaction
general rule of thumb
good benefits
group together
honest truth
hot-water heater
invited guest
join together
join up
julienne strip
local resident
major breakthrough
meld together
narrow width
natural daylight
new record
old adage
one and the same
original source
other alternative
outside of
over with
pair of twins
pair up
past experience
past history
ravenously hungry
rectangular in shape
refer back
retreat back
root cause
same identical
scarlet red
separate entities
serious danger
simulate the look
square in shape
strangled to death
suburbs of the city
sum total
team up
temporarily suspended
today’s modern woman
total annihilation
total destruction
true facts
visible to the eye
when and if
whether or not
wide width


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