Overused words and phrases

Some words and phrases, through excessive use, lose the force of their meaning and become clichés.
Below is a list of some expressions that are overused in Better Homes and Gardens® publications and should be avoided. Words Into Type lists more than 400 overused expressions to avoid.

a cozy fireplace, niche
adults and children alike
a good way to
a great variety
and best of all
a vast array
a wide range
a wide variety
believe it or not
be sure to
bright and cheery
cost an arm and a leg
cost a small fortune
curb appeal
down to brass tacks
every inch of space
fits like a glove
flea-market find
floods the room
for a painterly effect
for best results
free flowing
home front
kids of all ages
labor of love
natural light
not only … but also
one good solution
on the other hand
open and airy
outside the box
quick and easy
roll up your sleeves
serves double duty as
tackle the job
there’s no better way to
there’s nothing like it
vast array
visually expands


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