Crafts: Credits

Project designer credit
Used at the editor’s discretion to recognize a person who has designed a project.

Sewer/Fabricator/Workroom, Prop stylist, Photo stylist credit
These roles generally should not be credited on page unless the person’s work significantly contributes to the creative success of the project. (Exception: Freelance food prop stylists, who may be credited every time.)


  • A sewer executes three pillows in predetermined fabrics and designs. No credit given.
  • A sewer is hired to create three window treatments in determined general styles. Sewer chooses fabrics, determines how fabrics will be combined on each treatment, executes treatments, adds trims, makes hardware suggestions. Credit may be given.
  • A sewer is hired to create a duvet cover in a given style with certain fabric, but then makes significant improvements in design or suggested technique. Credit may be given.

Food editor for nonfood magazines
A food editor may receive an on-page food editor credit for his/her work on stories in a nonfood magazine. When a food editor is assigned to do all the food for a specific nonfood issue that includes significant food presence, the food editor (staff or freelance) may be listed in the masthead, in lieu of on-page credit.

Credit for staff
Members of the Meredith art/editorial staff are eligible for produced by or project designer credit. However, the editor of a title should avoid repeated self-crediting within an issue; twice per issue is a suggested maximum. If you’re unsure about crediting a staff member, check with your supervisor.

Pickup credits
Credit photographers for all pickup photos.

Field editors are not credited for picked-up content.

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