Scrapbooks: World Wide Web

Format for Web addresses

Do not use “www.” with Web addresses.

Put our Web address in boldface type and cap the first letter of each word: If the Web address is followed by punctuation, the punctuation mark should be the same as the rest of the text in the paragraph.

In running text, Meredith Web site addresses should have the first letter of each word capped and be set in opposite typeface

In running text, non-Meredith Web site addresses should all be lowercase and be set in opposite typeface.


Set the text readers should type in the subject line in quotation marks.

Send us your questions by e-mail. Please type “We Ask You” in the subject line.

Refer to online names in italics.

Reader kbtvbz wrote us.

In copy for Web slideshows, put the title of the individual slide in all caps and the module name in standard headline treatment (initial cap on all words other than prepositions and conjunctions.)

In copy for the Web, don’t fuss with line endings and don’t force returns. The text you see will not necessarily break the same way when it’s posted or when viewed on someone else’s computer. A forced return can create more problems than it solves.

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