Scrapbooks: Sources

Designers provide Sources lists. Each list should include items the designer feels need to be mentioned, but ordinary items—paper clips, for example—don’t need to be listed. If a designer includes a category labeled “other,” it’s likely the things listed there do not need to be included.

A Sources list is not the same as a Materials list.


Format for Sources

“Sources” should be all caps, no bold or ital. There is no colon, just a single space between “Sources” and the list of products.

List of products: Each generic name begins with an initial cap and is followed by a colon, then the manufacturer’s name. If there is more than one, use a comma to separate items (not “and”). If one of the manufacturers has an internal comma in its name ( e.g. “Love, Elsie”), use semicolons to separate the names. End each listing with a period. The lists should be in alphabetical order.

SOURCES Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper (tan), WorldWin Papers (blue strip). Patterned paper: Doodlebug Design (polka dot), Hambly Studios (floral), Making Memories (orange).

Use “Ink” not “Stamp ink.”

For paints, identify the kind (acrylic, watercolor, etc.) if that information is available.

Use “Chipboard accents: Manufacturer (words), Manufacturer (letters).”

Use “Rub-ons” not “Rub-on letters/etc.”

Use “Patterned paper” singular even if there’s more than one paper. Put the identifier in parentheses.

Patterned paper: Chatterbox (orange), Making Memories (dot).

List “label maker,” not “Label maker and tape.”

The manufacturers of fonts that come with most computers will not be sourced. These include Arial, Bookman, Comic Sans, Courier, Helvetica, and Times.

Fonts designed by scrapbook sources, such as Two Peas in a Bucket or Autumn Leaves, will be sourced.

Use “off the Internet” to identify all other fonts that are downloaded from the Internet. (Previous style was to say “downloaded off the Internet”; please watch for that on pickup material.)

Fonts: Bugaboo off the Internet, Rockstar by Two Peas in a Bucket.

Use “Designer: Name Name” to credit the designer in Sources. The designer’s name is not listed in Sources if she has a byline.


To source SBE photo collages: Quick College 215.

To source items available through a shop on Etsy:


For traditional and hybrid layouts, list products in this order in Sources (in general, it’s basics, embellishments, tools):

Album (if included)
Patterned paper
Chipboard accents
Die cuts or cutouts
Eyelets/Brads/Ribbon/other embellishments
Stamps (no need to indicate rubber, foam, metal, etc.)
Sewing supplies
Punches and other tools
Decorative-edge scissors
Adhesive (if not generic)
Image-editing software (not photo-editing software)
Digital elements
Designer (if she/he does not have a byline)


SOURCES Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper. Patterned paper: American Crafts (dots), KI Memories (green). Fonts: American Typewriter (chart headings) by ITC, Century Gothic (journaling, chart) by Agfa Monotype, Day Roman (Date) off the Internet, Favorite Things (title) by Two Peas in a Bucket. Rubber stamps: FontWerks. Ink: Tsukineko. Photo turn: 7Gypsies. Brads: Creative Imaginations. Design: Erin Clarkson.


For digital layouts, list products in this order in Sources:

Image-editing software (not photo-editing software)

Digital elements [List each item by kit/item name, followed by the item description, when necessary, in parentheses, then the designer’s name. Example: Joined at the Hip (stitches) by Tia Bennett.]


SOURCES Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3. Font: Another Typewriter (“I’m hungry”), 1942 Report (“delay tactic”), Fling LET (“bedtime”), Pea Olson (date), Fairfax Station (“28”) off the Internet. Digital elements: Naturally Krafty paper pack, Toddler Time kit, Journaling Stripes masks, Stitching Holes borders by Katie Pertiet, Jounaling Spots & Stripes by Lynn Grieveson.


The company Stamping Up! has an exclamation point as part of its name. When it is the last company listed in Sources, it needs to have a period after the exclamation point: Stamping Up!.

In bookazines, boldface might be used in Sources if the designer and editor choose to do so.

SOURCES Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper (tan), WorldWin Papers (blue strip). Patterned paper: Doodlebug Design (poka dot), Hambly Studios (floral), Making Memories (orange).

See also Manufacturer Names for a list of manufacturers frequently cited in Sources.
See also Credits for names of designers frequently cited in Sources.

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