Photo Credits: Photo credits VI

July 10, 2003: Issue 63

SIM STYLE: Does a photo credit attached to an individual photo get a period at the end?
It depends on whether we’re crediting one photographer or several. For a single photographer, DO NOT end with a period. For multiple photographers, DO end with a period. Please note the proper punctuation in the examples below. Directionals, as always, are italicized.
correct: Photographer: Ross Chapple
correct: Photographers: left, Ross Chapple; above,Susan Gilmore; opposite,Kim Cornelison.

Note:This rule applies in all SIPs to photo credits that run alongside photos or in the gutter. It does not apply to main story credits, which should follow the magazine’s style.

For more information, see Credits section in the SIM stylebook or Issue 7.

For more photographer credits see Issues 122026.

GRAMMAR: Is bluegrass one word or two? What about other grasses, such as bentgrass and buffalograss?
The rule on grasses is simple: Close up all “grass” words unless the first word is a proper name.
correct: Bermuda grass
 correct: bluegrass
correct: lemongrass
correct: peppergrass

For more information, see Grass on the Plant Word List in the Garden Style section of the SIM Stylebook.

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