Punctuation: Overprinted captions

April 24, 2003: Issue 57

SIM STYLE: If a caption is overprinted on a photo, does it still need a directional?
The answer depends on whether that caption is grouped with others.
• If a single caption is overprinted on a photo, it does not need a directional.
• If two or more captions are grouped and overprinted on a photo, each caption needs a directional.

The appropriate directional for the overprinted photo is “this photo.”

GRAMMAR: Should there be one space or two between sentences?
One. Only the most formal writing nowadays separates sentences with two spaces. The old two-space rule stems from a time when monospace fonts (where every character takes up the same amount of space) were in wide use, but it’s not applicable in modern publishing.

Tip: Most of us already know this, of course, but some newer writers do not. Pass it along, and save yourself and the CEs the hassle of stripping out extra spaces.

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