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January 9, 2003: Issue 46

SIM STYLE: If I’ve given an individual’s full name in main text, must I repeat it in sidebars and captions?
Yes, on each first reference. Captions may be treated as a group: The first caption that mentions a person should fully identify him or her; subsequent captions may use first or last name only, as appropriate. Sidebars and text boxes should be treated individually: The first reference in each sidebar or text box should be a person’s full name; subsequent references within the same sidebar or text box may use first or last name only, as appropriate.

Note: Readers should not be left to assume that a married couple share the same last name, even when that is the case. If the spouses are introduced separately, each first reference should be by full name. For instance, if one caption refers to homeowner Jane Smith, a later caption should not refer simply to “Jane’s husband, John,” but rather, “Jane’s husband, John Smith.”

GRAMMAR: Is it “anytime” or “any time”?
Whether it’s one word or two depends on the context. “Anytime” is an adverb meaning “whenever.” When “any time” is two words, “time” is a noun modified by the adjective “any.”
correct: Will the designer have any time to meet with her today?
correct: Sure, tell her to stop by anytime this afternoon.

The same logic holds for “anymore” and “any more,” as well as “anyway” and “any way.”
correct: Do you have any more carpet samples?
correct: No, we don’t carry that line anymore.
correct: Is there any way I could find some?
correct: I think they’ve all been discarded, but you could check that bin anyway.

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