Niche Caps: Niche caps I

October 31, 2002: Issue 42

SIM STYLE: Do I repeat a niche cap as the first letter of body copy?
It depends.
• When using a true drop cap, where text wraps around the niche, there’s no reason to repeat that letter at the beginning of body copy.
• When a shaded niche cap is used graphically behind the text, do repeat that letter at the beginning of body copy.
Note: When the word “a” begins a story with a drop cap, insert a thin space at the beginning of body copy.

GRAMMAR: What’s the difference between “like” and “such as”?
The distinction is largely ignored nowadays, but it’s one worth getting right in good writing. An easy way to remember which is which, as a general rule, is this: Use “like” when making comparisons; use “such as” when giving examples.
Why? “Like” excludes the subsequent items; “such as” includes them.
     correct: The couple wanted a bath like the one at their favorite Arizona resort.
     correct: They included amenities such as a whirlpool bath, a radiant-heat floor, and towel warmers.
correct: In the garden, they sought plant combinations like those they had
seen in England.
correct: Traditional plant combinations, such as delphiniums and roses, helped them achieve the cottage-          garden look.

You’ll notice that in the examples above, one “such as” phrase is set off by commas but the other isn’t. Next week, we’ll look at the reasons why.

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