Lists: Business names

July 11, 2002: Issue 29

Update 9/14/17: See Punctuation/Commas and company names.

SIM STYLE: What parts of business names should I abbreviate?
Always abbreviate Co., Cos. (Companies), and Corp. Also abbreviate Inc., Ltd., and LLC, and set them off with commas.
correct: The Sherwin-Williams Co.
correct: Brown Cos.
correct: Meredith Corp.
correct: Hi-Lite Manufacturing Co., Inc.
correct: Grohe America, Inc.
correct: Duralee Fabrics, Ltd.
correct: Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC

Write out all other words, including Industries, International, and Manufacturing.

Note: Words that are part of a company’s proper name (such as The Company Store or The Limited, Inc.) are not abbreviated.

GRAMMAR: Is it “hone in” or “home in”?
It’s “home in.” You can hone a skill, but if you’re setting your sights on something, you’re homing in on it. Think of homing pigeons when you see this phrase, and you’ll never confuse the two words again.

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