Misc.: Repeating words

 January 22, 2009: Issue 274 

“Nearly 6 inches of snow fell on the city today. Expect 4 more inches of the white stuff overnight.”

We cringe when weather forecasters talk this way—not just because we hate shoveling. We also hate convoluted terms where a simple one will do.

Don’t be afraid to repeat words. There’s no good synonym for “snow” in English, so it’s best to say the word again.

This concept is especially important in writing for the Web. No one is likely to do a Google search for “orange orb” or “fenestration.” Say “pumpkin” or “window” as many times as you need to.

Another thing not to fear: Don’t worry if your masthead isn’t back to you by your Meredith Imaging Center date. We hold mastheads until we get desktop operator and color quality analyst credits from the MIC. As long as your masthead is with CEs by deadline, you’re fine.

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