Holiday References: Thanksgiving history

November 25, 2008: Issue 266

Thanksgiving owes its status as a national holiday in large part to the efforts of a magazine editor.

Sara Josepha Hale ran Godey’s Lady’s Book from 1837 to 1877, and in its pages she campaigned to make the last Thursday in November, already recognized by many individual states, “the grand Thanksgiving holiday of our nation.” In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln made it official.

“Let us consecrate the day to benevolence of action, by sending good gifts to the poor, and doing those deeds of charity that will, for one day, make every American home the place of plenty and of rejoicing,“ Hale wrote in an editor’s letter. “These seasons of refreshing are of inestimable advantage to the popular heart; and if rightly managed, will greatly aid and strengthen public harmony of feeling.”

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