Misc.: No superscript in ordinals

July 31, 2008: Issue 250

This is our 250th Style on the Go. We’ll use this opportunity to remind you that SIM style is to use standard type, not superscript, in ordinal numbers.

incorrect: This is our 250th issue.
correct: This is our 250th issue.

To change superscript to standard type in Microsoft Word, select the type and go to the Format menu. Select Character or Font (whichever is the first item in the menu), then uncheck Superscript.

To stop Word from changing ordinals to superscript automatically, go to the Tools menu and select AutoCorrect. Select AutoFormat As You Type, then uncheck Ordinals (1st) with superscript.

To change superscript to standard type in InDesign, select the type, then go to the type control bar and unclick the superscript button (T1).

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