Misc.: Eebies

April 24, 2008: Issue 236

The Academy of Motion Picture Sciences has the Oscars. Dunder Mifflin has the Dundies. And now Style on the Go has the Eebies.

Named in honor of E. B. White, these occasional awards will recognize outstanding use of language in our publications and new media projects.

The inaugural winner is deputy editor Gary Thompson for this clear, clever wordplay in a Kitchen & Bath Ideashed and dek:

Green We Envy
Yes, this kitchen is environmentally friendly, but it’s also a colorful and contemporary gathering space anyone would love to have.

Congratulations, Gary. And you don’t even have to make a speech.

To make a nomination: We welcome suggestions for full-time employees and freelancers who deserve Eebies. The nominated work must be in current distribution, whether on the Web, in bookstores, or on the newsstand. Eebies will be awarded at the discretion of the Style on the Go staff.

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