Misc.: Working with CEs

January 31, 2008: Issue 224

Lead copy editors have been assigned for nearly all magazines on the 2008-09 schedule—check the CE column. If you’re not sure whose initials those are, check with a staff CE. If you’re working with a CE who’s new to you, here are some suggestions to help establish your working relationship:

Introduce yourself
It’s vital that your CE understand your magazine and its mission before editing your copy. Freelance CEs attend work sessions when they can. Take that opportunity to introduce yourself and your magazine. If the CE can’t be there, send an e-mail or make a phone call. Your staff liaison can provide contact information.

Talk directly if you’d like
When specific style questions arise, feel free to talk to your freelance CE directly. If you’re more comfortable using a staff CE as a go-between, we’re happy to fill that role—but we don’t have to. It’s not a breach of editing etiquette to go straight to the freelancer.

Speak up about issues
If you see a problem emerging, let us know. If a CE makes changes that don’t conform to your magazine’s style, for instance, talk to your staff liaison. We understand that you’re not complaining. The only way we can fix a problem is if we know about it.

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