Numbers: Postal IDs

January 3, 2008: Issue 220

No, we’re not talking about making New Year’s resolutions or nominating a presidential candidate. We’re talking about mastheads and postal ID statements.

Mastheads: Always start from the current template. Never copy a masthead from an old issue. The fine print changes frequently, sometimes several times in a single month. If you need help finding the current template, ask a CE. Mastheads with outdated information will be sent back to you.

Postal ID statements: Always start with this boilerplate language. Never copy from an old issue. This language, too, is frequently updated. Subscription titles must include a volume and issue number—if you omit these numbers, the U.S. Postal Service might delay mailing your magazine. If you have trouble figuring them out, ask a CE. Layouts with outdated postal ID statements will be sent back to you.

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