Holiday References: Thanksgiving terms

November 21, 2007: Issue 214

Some common Thanksgiving words and mistakes often associated with them:

cornucopia Despite the -ia at the end, this term for a horn or horn-shape basket overflowing with food is singular. The plural is cornucopias.

gizzard This word for the food-grinding organ in a turkey’s throat has two z’s. Another common error: Some people insist it’s edible.

pilgrim Capitalize only when you refer to one of the settlers of Plymouth Colony. Other travelers (to Mecca, to Jerusalem, to Lourdes, to Graceland) are pilgrims with a small p.

wattle This is the fleshy thing that hangs from a turkey’s neck—not to be confused with snood, the thing that hangs over the beak, or with waddle, which you might do after Thursday’s meal.

Safe travels and happy gatherings!

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