Questions: Questions

August 30, 2007: Issue 202

Be careful with questions. They can help create a connection with readers, but watch out for these pitfalls.

Don’t stack up too many:
Is your home office too small? Awkwardly arranged? Is the look outdated? Do you need more storage?
A barrage like that will make your reader feel like a White House press secretary at a daily briefing.

Don’t ask questions with obvious answers. If you’re writing for Darts Monthly magazine, for instance, don’t ask:
Do you love to play darts?
It’s hard to imagine why else someone would pick up Darts Monthly.

Above all, don’t ask a question if you’re not going to answer it.
Can you have chocolate without wrecking your meal plan?
With a teaser like that, you’d better follow up with solid information:
Of course you can! Try these delicious but low-calorie, low-fat recipes.

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