Numbers: Postal ID statements II

July 26, 2007: Issue 198

Every issue of every magazine must include a postal ID statement. The postal ID runs on the last page of the magazine unless that page is an ad, in which case the postal ID runs on the first page of the table of contents.

Find boilerplate language for postal ID statements.

The magazine name that appears in the postal ID statement must exactly match the magazine’s registration with the U.S. Postal Service. For most titles, the official name does not include the Better Homes and Gardens label. There are four exceptions:
• Better Homes and Gardens® American Patchwork & Quilting®
• Better Homes and Gardens® Creative Home
• Better Homes and Gardens® Decorating
• Better Homes and Gardens® Do It Yourself Ideas for Your Home and Garden®

The postal ID includes an international standard serial number issued by the Library of Congress. ISSNs do not change from issue to issue; they change only when a magazine title changes. Find a list of ISSNs. If your magazine is new or has changed its title, copy editors will request an ISSN from the Library of Congress.

TIME FOR A GOOD SHAMPOO: Last week we asked for the most ridiculous dangling modifiers you’ve ever encountered. Our favorite came from freelance copy editor Gretchen Kauffman, who declined to name the source but swears this gem crossed her desk just last week: “Crowned with Caramel-Coconut Topper, you’ll feel like you’re eating pumpkin pie for breakfast!” Stop by the CE department to claim your prize, Gretchen.

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