Misc.: Appliances

March 8, 2007: Issue 180

Here are some important distinctions to keep in mind when you describe appliances:

Use commercial or restaurant to describe an appliance designed specifically for restaurant use. Commercial ranges are generally not appropriate for residential use and are rarely shown in our magazines. Refrigerators, such as the Traulsen brand, are more common.

Combine commercial or professional with grade, duty, quality, or caliber to describe a high-performance appliance designed specifically for residential use: a commercial-grade range, a professional-caliber refrigerator.

Use pro-look or pro-style to describe an appliance that is designed to look high-performance but isn’t. Many stainless-steel models fall in this category.

Get the picture? Speaking of appliances, flat-screen and flat-panel televisions are not the same. Flat-screen TVs can be big and bulky; they simply have flat screens for a crisp picture. Flat-panel TVs are only inches thick. If a television is hanging on a wall, it’s a flat-panel.

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