Misc.: Administrative notes

February 22, 2007: Issue 178

Various procedural and administrative notes:

• Please make separate files for mastheads, rather than combining them with editor’s notes or tables of contents. A masthead can sit in the CE department for a week or more while we wait for credits from the Imaging Center, and we’d like to hold up as few pages as possible. (The exception is bookazines, which run a highly abbreviated masthead, usually combined with the TOC.) And always start fresh with a new masthead template. Don’t copy from issue to issue.

• Speaking of starting fresh, editors in the Garden and Home Design groups should always pull an updated distribution list off The Mall (under Work Session Templates) before they send out contents memos. These lists change all the time.

• Editors and copy editors: When you make a change in kerning, check with the page designer. Talk to the designer in person, or make a note on the layout and highlight it. Depending on the font, even a tiny nudge can have consequences.

• Other than folios, when you change page numbers (TOC entries, page refers in text) after final proof, ask CEs for a spot-check. You can bring us clean proofs or ask us to check on-screen.

• Always fill in dates on routing slips. CEs rely on those dates to prioritize our work. (“Hot” doesn’t help us nearly as much as “2/22.”)

Here’s your reward: Thanks for reading. Now find something much more fun.

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