Commonly Misused Words: Anniversaries

August 3, 2006: Issue 150

This is our 150th issue of Style on the Go. To celebrate, we’re handing out gift certificates. As you cruise through, watch for our “150” logos—we’ve placed three of them. Be the first person to click on one and you’ll win a $25 prop sale gift certificate. (Limit one gift certificate per person; you must be a Special Interest Media employee to win.)

Once a year is enough.

While we’re talking about our 150th issue, let’s clarify the word “anniversary.” While this is an issue worth celebrating, it’s not an anniversary. An anniversary is the annual date marking an event:
the 60th anniversary of D-Day
their 12th wedding anniversary
the two-year anniversary of our Web site launch

Anniversaries come around once a year. There is no such thing as a six-month anniversary or (no matter how excited you are about that new relationship) a three-week anniversary.

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