Geography: State names with cities

July 13, 2006: Issue 147

Always use states with city names on first reference—unless the city is on the list of stand-alone cities on Cities on that list can stand alone, but they don’t have to. References to these cities without state designation are generally clear and less cluttered, but if you feel the state is needed, you may include it. In reader letters, for instance, you might choose to run state names with every city for consistency. (More on reader letters next week.)

ON Find our list of stand-alone cities.

OSX TIP: If you’re seeing strange type on Web sites—Greek-looking symbols and odd fractions—you need to deactivate a few fonts. In FontAgent Pro, go to the Helvetica folder and deactivate Helvetica-Fraction and Helvetica-FractionBold. In the Times folder, deactivate Times-PhoneticIPA and Times-PhoneticAlternate. Web sites should be legible now.

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