Photo Credits: Photo credits II

February 28, 2002: Issue 12

SIM STYLE: Photographer credits

We’ve been mangling quite a few photographer credits lately. Here are the correct credits for the ones that are most commonly mixed up:
Kim Cornelison
D. Randolph Foulds
Bob Greenspan
Hopkins Associates
Tim Murphy
Greg Scheidemann

If you don’t have an updated credits list in your SIM Stylebok contact Doug.

For more photographer credits see Issues 202663.

GRAMMAR: Is it “all of” or just “all”?
Your eighth-grade English teacher who told you it was correct to take out the “of” was right. She just may not have told you there’s also nothing wrong with leaving it in. So choose whichever way sounds best to you—you can’t go wrong. As author Patricia O’Conner, an editor at The New York Times,says on the subject: “You can’t please all of the people all the time.”

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