Digital: Writing/editing tips

  1. Good writing is good writing: Terrific content matters.
  2. Think transactional: Many of your site visitors are looking for specific information, images, and advice.
  3. Make it scannable: Use bullets, numbered lists, and boldface or colored text to highlight keywords, additional headings, and shorter paragraphs.
  4. Main points: Hit your reader with the salient points at the top of the Web page.
  5. Write short paragraphs: White space helps Web display, so write in chunks of 30-word paragraphs separated by a line of white space.
  6. Write simple sentences: Keep sentences to one main idea and under 17 words.
  7. Use the present or present perfect tense.
  8. Be direct: The Web is friendly. Use “we” and “you” instead of “the insured,” “the applicant,” “the society,” and so on.
  9. Do your (keyword) research: Half of your site traffic will come from search engines. Knowing what users are searching for is critical.
  10. Jump-start your engines: The major task of editing for the Web (after tightening content for users to read online) is sprinkling in the keywords and variations into page titles, headings, subheads, body copy, and hyperlinks.



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