Credits: Style

Photographers should be credited using one of the two following styles. Treatment should be consistent throughout an issue.
Photographer: Greg Scheidemann
Photography by Greg Scheidemann

In general, studio names are not listed.

Multiple photographers should be credited using the following style.
Photographers: left, Greg Scheidemann; below, Andy Lyons.

 BH&G style as of 2017:

We will no longer be double crediting staff on a page. For example, “Producer and Styling” becomes “Producer,” with the styling aspect included in the credit. If styling played a larger role in the work, by all means use styling instead. And “Writer and Producer” or “Recipes and food styling” for outsiders is OK.

One-page stories: Credits go in the gutter. However, if a photograph or illustration fills a significant portion of the page, that will be credited on the byline.

Section openers: Photographer and stylists get on-page credit. Anyone else goes in the gutter.

Two-plus page stories: There can be no more than three credits at the bottom of the page. The rest go in the gutter. Who gets the on-page vs. gutter credit depends on the level of work contributed.

  • In general, we want to credit non-Meredith contributors on the page.
  • If the story involved a significant amount of writing (200+ words), we want to credit the writer on the page, especially if it is a freelancer.
  • We want to credit the producer or stylist because their work is seen in the story.
  • This is the order and wording: By; Photos/Illustrations; Styling; Produced by; Food styling; Prop styling; Crafts by

Gutter format: By: name; Photo/s: (item) name, (item) name, (item) name …; Produced by: Name; Styling: name

Well stories:

  • There can be four or five credits on the page. Although the layout might require fewer.
  • Staff needs to balance when they get credit (rather than every issue).  For instance, save “Produced by” for stories you feel you made a large contribution to.
  • Minimize use of gutter credits. Limit them to substylists, such as hair, makeup, …
  • Order: By; Photo/s or Illustration/s; Styling; Produced by (What word we use here will depend on the type of work. It might be Recipes by, Crafts by, Projects by, …)



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